Miss Czech Republic 2018

Ten girls were nominated for the title of the most beautiful Czech Woman presented themselves at the grand final show with an introductory dance show, followed by a showcase of national costumes by talented designers, a swimsuit competition and a show in evening gowns by designer Sandra Marková. The program features Czech singers Dara Rolins, Adam Mišík, Niko as well as Mariana Prachařová and Jan Nedvěd. The whole evening took place at the Gong venue in Ostrava.

AV MEDIA has cooperated in the preparations for Czech Miss for several years. This year, we provided live broadcast for our client and the media partner of the event, Televize Seznam, a new Czech TV station that had exclusive rights for broadcast of the Miss Czech Republic 2018. We had an eight-camera van on site including a crane and sliders. In addition, we added static and effect lights on both the main stage and the backstage where direct entryways were made. As in 2016, we also took care of technical production this year.