Colourful New Years Eve took place in Hilton Prague

New Year’s celebrations at the Hilton are always a wonder to behold, and they get more and more interesting on a technical level each year. This time we built the largest and heaviest stage the hotel lobby has seen yet!

The evening featured a Latin American theme, with samba dancers, a performance inspired by Día de Muertos and of course tropical decorations and refreshments. A huge, brightly colored parrot and curved LED screen wall (A3 Absen PRO, 90 m2) dominated the stage. Another 20 m2 of Palami LED screen wall completed the effect.

An incredible 215 Robe intelligent lights set just the right ambience – specifically the Pointe, Spiider, BMFL Blade, 600 LED Wash, LED Beam and MMX Blade. An L-Acoustics sound system brought the event to life on the main stage and in the other areas of the hotel as well. The whole production involved creating the largest and heaviest set-up the Hilton lobby has ever hosted. The event was secured by AV MEDIA.